As of the new year (2022) we will be running a monthly webinar/online lecture in addition to other regular live events. I am going to be presenting the first one of these myself.

At the beginning of 2021, a special edition of the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis published a series of papers by a range of authors examining merging perspectives and research on the topic of hypnotisability.

In this lecture, I will share with you those key findings and discussions.

Everyone who books on to this online lecture, will be able to fully experience a standardised hypnotic scale for themselves also. As an additional resource for this lecture, I have set up the full online screening procedure of the SWASH (Sussex-Waterloo Scale of Hypnotisability) used by myself and our research team at Bournemouth University. You will receive a set of scores following your screening that you can refer to during the lecture in order to have a direct experience to draw upon.
(Please note, this is an optional extra – it aims to give you a real-life experiential reference and is not obligatory. It won’t effect your experience of the lecture if you do not take part in this standardised screening procedure.)

During this lecture, you will learn:

– How and why understanding hypnotisability can be so useful in the clinical and therapeutic environment, and why many academics are now recommending clinicians to develop an understanding of how hypnotisable all their patients are before working with them.
– A background of what hypnotisability actually means and how it differs from suggestibility (and why understanding the difference is so important).
– How and why many academics and researchers are challenging many of the assumptions of early hypnotisability scales.
– The powerful argument that hypnotisability may be considered as a natural human ability to alter one’s experience separate from any formal hypnotic induction.
– What other factors are being considered in order to advance a multicomponent theory of hypnotisability.
– Discussion of the distinctions between objective and subjective measurements of hypnotisability as well as measures of SOARS (sense of agency ratings) that tell us so much of importance in terms of effortlessness and involuntariness of hypnotic responses.
– Comparison of how people’s scores vary depending upon which scale is used – and a discussion about the most used scales in research as well as new ones.
– What hypnotisability tells us about hypnosis and how it helps us understand more about human consciousness.
– How and why hypnotisability has become an important part of the way I (Adam) work clinically with my clients.

There is going to be a great deal packed into this and my aim is to stimulate your interest in the same way that researchers and academics are currently enthusiastically debating, exploring and examining the topic. I’ll do my best to make it fun and engaging and hope to really turn your head with this topic that we tend not to really dive deeply into during training or professional practice as a hypnotherapist.

Further details:

This is an online event, delivered via Zoom (Zoom link is available now in the hypnotherapist development hub or emailed to non-members wishing to attend)

Date: Wednesday January 12th, 2022.

Time: 7pm-9pm


Members of our hypnotherapist development hub: Free

Non-members: £15.00

You can use the Buy Now button given here, or email us using the address given on this website and request to join, or complete the booking form on this website and selecting this webinar and we’ll invoice you according to your choices.

More information and details on how to join our hypnotherapist development hub can be found here on this page of the college website.

Upon enrolment you’ll receive full access to the screening process along with the Zoom link and details for the live webinar lecture.

I look forward to seeing you there and welcoming you to the first of our monthly webinar CPD lectures in January. Subsequent events will all be guest lecturers, researchers, authors and experienced therapists. We have some real treats lined up for the coming months.