One of the things I love about my Hypnosis Weekly podcast is that I get to speak to some very wonderful hypnosis professionals from all over the world.

For those of you unfamiliar with the podcast, I open up with the same words at the beginning of each episode, amongst other things, I say the following:

This podcast is something that I want to encompass a feeling of embracing diversity, celebrating the field of hypnosis and encouraging friendly, professional, enjoyable discussion and debate, as well as doing it’s best to inform and educate.

I do not share the same stance as most of our guests and at times have major differences in approach and leaning, but all are incredibly lovely people who I’d happily talk with until late in the pub, and all of whom, following their time here on Hypnosis Weekly, I have a great deal of respect for.

Within the field of hypnosis I have found many people get hostile towards dissenting or different perspectives to their own, so I wanted to demonstrate that even when I disagree wholly with a fellow hypnotherapists perspective or professional stance, we can discuss it and debate it professionally and courteously, sticking to the argument, the topic and not veering toward insult and free from the use of logical fallacies (read this article about logical fallacy in the hypnosis field for more on that) to make the points one supports.

That said, a major ethos of my own training college is that we all learn both sides to any debate, discussion and philosophy and be aware of those sides before we have that debate (read this article: Are Hypnotherapists Intelligent Enough To See Both Sides?) Therefore, you are fully informed.

If we examine some of the most important opponents in the history of the field of hypnosis, though the feuds got unnecessarily personal on the odd occasion, what we learned as a result of this debates was incredibly valuable. Some grand historical highlights of feuding in the hypnosis field are discussed in this video, enjoy:


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