In this video I make reference to an occasion last year when I had to take some time off work due to illness and received a Facebook comment stating “Why don’t you use hypnosis to cure yourself?”

In this video I respond to that question, and I also talk about how many people expect hypnotherapists to be immune to a range of issues and illnesses as a result of using hypnosis and also talk about how realistic it is to expect such invulnerability.


Here are the links mentioned in the video.

Have a read of some of these articles to use self-hypnosis when you have a cold or flu:
1. Using Hypnosis For Cold and Flu Relief With Hypnotic Chicken Soup
2. Using Self-Hypnosis To Soothe My Sore Throat
3. Using Self-Hypnosis To Relieve My Chesty Cough
4. Breathe Easy With Self-Hypnosis (nasal congestion)

Here are some articles about using hypnosis to improve immune functioning – so you could be preventative and do your best to overcome illness before it occurs:
1. Effects of self-hypnosis on immune functioning: The evidence
2. Use Self-Hypnosis and Charge Into Battle To Boost Your Immune System
3. How To Use Self-Hypnosis To Enhance Your Immune Functioning



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