Embark on a journey of self-improvement through the powerful practice of self-hypnosis?

How to do that though?

Over the years I’ve made a lot of resources available to help people learn all they can about self-hypnosis. I thought I’d put as many of them as possible all in one place for easy access and to have somewhere to send people when they ask me about exploring and learning about science-supported, research-informed, evidence-based self-hypnosis.

Firstly: Download my free Self-Hypnosis Roadmap.

This contains the protocol that we use in our research and guides you through the steps of applying that protocol to elicit some hypnotic phenomena for yourself – that is, to create psychological effects that give you evidence of what you are capable of doing to your own reality when you apply the self-hypnosis skills.

Additionally, here are a couple of videos that will really help:

1. 20 Minute Self-Hypnosis Crash Course.
This guides you through the protocol and explains it in rapid fashion.

2. Hypnotic Mindset.
This video explains the mindset you need to learn to adopt to really derive the most benefit from self-hypnosis.

My Book: The Science of Self-Hypnosis.
This book explains in great detail the protocol for self-hypnosis, but also offers a wide range of variations of inductions, deepening processes and then also offers up a range of ways to use that protocol and additional skills and processes to reduce pain, lower anxiety, enhance mood and much more besides.

Do not confuse with an older, outdated book I wrote entitled the Secrets of Self-Hypnosis.

My Academic Publications:
If you’d like to read some of the peer-reviewed journal articles I have had published that have examined self-hypnosis, here you go…

1. The importance of highlighting the role of the self in hypnotherapy and hypnosis.
2. Clinical applications of self-hypnosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.

If you’d like to study self-hypnosis by watching a range of videos, with manuals and further supplementary learning materials, then you can invest in My Online Self-Hypnosis Educational Programme.

Similarly, you can also come and attend a live class with me here: My live Science of Self-Hypnosis Seminar.

All the above can really help you learn, develop and build the psychological skill of self-hypnosis in the most evidence-based way available today. Get in touch if you have any questions or queries.